Monday, March 26, 2012

Apologies to All

So as you may have noticed there has been a recent lull in content.  We are currently undergoing some difficulties that will (hopefully) be overcome soon.  We're working on getting back on schedule but don't be surprised if we are still a bit sporadic.  As we gather our wits, I ask that you gather your patience. You just might need it.

On another far less serious note! I have thankfully had a small breakthrough during this great and terrible writer's block of mine.  It's one small step for me and one giant leap for.... well for no one really. It's just a small step for me and hopefully an entertaining one for you all. The story behind this piece is pretty simple. I was angry at my mother, we just had a disagreement and this is well... my rage fueled writing that followed. It turned out fairly well in my opinion and sums up most of what I feel was going on between her and I.  We have since begun to mend, but it's a process. While this poem takes a fairly dim view on our relationship, I really do love my mother. She's a great supporter and I couldn't ask for a better mom.

So here it is!

Good Enough

Praying I might catch a break,
and all I get is heartache.
Hoping one day might change it all
but only disappointment does come call.
Tears roll down my face
but no one sees the pain you cause me.

I'm trying to please you,
and me and him.
But no one is happy.
No one is at ease.

I'm alone and frightened.
I'm different, yet treated the same.

I work for your approval
but I only disappoint.
I pray for your love,
yet I'm never good enough.

I'm sorry I'm not the daughter
that you always wanted.
I'm sorry I'm not the child
you always dreamed of having.
I'm sorry I'm not more like
the one that came before me.
But I love you the same as he.

I'm just sorry that I'm
   not good enough
          for you.

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