Thursday, March 1, 2012

How love degrades the mind

©2008-2012 =AnndreaLeeann

The picture above (the coverart for In Love and Death by The Used) has been a huge basis for many of my pieces in the past. This next piece is truly no different. "A heart hangs upon a string, yet the only one dying is me." Yes! Let these words bring forth the chorus of a damaged heart that continually goes back for another beating. Insanity runs in between each space, each thought, but the each step forward brings more want.


“Five Steps to Insanity”


Dreams, they come alive before this lonely soul.
Where sanity has gone, only Death knows.
Nonetheless, her beauty rips reality at the seams.
But, regardless, this heart she still shan’t see.


Butterflies swarm and capture this mind.
All these tort’rous colors leave me blind.
Intentions, cast them to the wind!
Mentality’s not kind, hers won’t bend.


Leave me now disast’rous succubus!
Give no sign of presence to test us.
How you match my loveliest dream...
But nothing but heartache will you bring!


You torture me with those pretty eyes.
You hope that the hate in me soon dies.
I want to give in...though I mustn’t!
No...I can’t refrain from just one glance.


I beg of you, please! Take my hand.
Now that I’m here, make me in demand.
Let this be my last, desp’rate plea.
Be someone else, if only for me.

"I can laugh all I want; inside, I still am empty."


~Edited by Sharon

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