Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Totschlyger part 2

Hey guys! It's been a while since I have posted, but life has become a whirlwind, luckily I still find time to write on my favorite story as of now. 
This story you will find in the last parts of this post have to do with me describing a relationship with a woman. This is something personal to me. Although I wish I had this kind of relationship with her I do not, but nonetheless it is a reflection of my heart and I hope that you will sympathize and enjoy reading this as much as I have writing it. 
Grace be with you all, Alex. -

Something suddenly opened behind me, I turned seeing a man in a officer's uniform. I froze, not wanting give away my cover. He sidestepped to the left and gave me a Nazi salute, I hesitated but quickly mirrored his salute and we both said "Hail Hitler". He then motioned me to enter the doorway from which he left. I nodded, and entered as directed. My blood was pulsing, I almost couldn't believe that I had made this far into the secret communications relay ship undetected. Before me I saw what seemed to be hundreds of computers lining the walls of the ship from the front to the back with almost that many workers using them while the rest were running papers back and forth. This is what it was supposed to look like, but how was I supposed to find Hitler's assistant in here? I scanned the room, but there were no signs of any doors. Well it's not like you could see one in the first place. There could be a door on every open space on all the walls, this would be impossible...

I was standing on a metal walkway which was suspended above the whole working area. The man that had let me in had mysteriously disappeared and the entrance where I first came through looked as if it were just a wall...Now I was finally alone. Just the way I like it. I started walking along the walkway, trying to look as if I were a part of this whole operation. With no plan or idea of what to do next, I decided to speculate, and at least gather information on what this whole thing was about. There were so many voices that it was almost impossible to decipher what one was saying from another. I would just have to make my way down there and hope that no one notices that I don't fit in. This is suicide, what are you doing here anyway? I'm here to kill a man that my employers want dead. What did he do to you? Absolutely nothing that I know of, but if my employers have a good mind in hiring me for this assignment , then I'm sure that he's done something wrong. How can you be sure that anyone is right? Man can judge all he wants, but I have no desire to judge; only to kill.

Footsteps came towards me, stay calm they don't know who you are.
"Ruland Kuefer?"
The voice seemed directed towards me, I turned around. Before me stood a broad shouldered man, who stood at least a foot above my own height. He looked at me sideways, as if he knew that I wasn't supposed to be here. And why did he call me Ruland Kuefer? My name was Dustan...Unless he had mistaken me for someone else. In that case, it was a great thing! I was safe at least for the moment.
"General, I am sorry to disturb you sir, but we had all thought that you disappeared from the ship."

Who was this Ruland Kuefer that he was talking about? It doesn't matter; I have to get past him.
I muttered something under my breath about needing fresh air to the corporal. I walked passed him, but then he turned saying.
"One more thing general: why are you in a private's uniform?"
I spun round grabbed the back of his uniform and hair, and slammed his head over the rail. After pulling him back up to make sure he was dead I quickly shoved him off the side of the ship. The rain would take care of the cleaning for me.

I quickly made my way through the inner workings of the ship making sure to keep my head low and move fast. I finally reached my target's quarters. I looked around making sure no one had followed me. Good, time to get to work. I picked the lock and slipped into a well furnished room, with a red velvet couch, dining area, as well as queen size bed. It was all quite breathtaking, but where was he? He was supposed to be sleeping. My pulse rose, I turned to my right, and there he was a large dark figure standing over me. I jumped back, prepared for anything. He slowly walked out of the shadows revealing his scared face; he was holding a photograph of me and him standing together.
"Nice to finally see you again; Ruland." He said as he chuckled.
It was that instant, I just let my guard down for a second and he was on top of me, and before I knew what was going on my muscles relaxed and my world turned to black."

Katrina grabbed my hand pulling me back towards her body. For the longest time she didn’t say anything. I held her tightly never wanting to let go. 

“Dustan?” She whispered softly as her head lay on my shoulder. 


“I love you.” 

“I love you too.”

There was nothing out here but us, nothing to stop us, we could escape this reality. It was so easy, why didn’t we just leave this nightmare? She was the one who always wanted to leave, but I never knew why. Katrina would never tell me what was bothering her, only that we loved each other and that’s all that mattered. 

I ran my hands through her dark, silky, brown hair. Looking into her deep brown eyes I felt my heart melt away to nothing, I would never- I could never- love anyone but her. There is no physical way for me to show her how much I loved her, but only by the look in my eyes. I almost hated the fact that she could see the depth of my love for her. I wanted- no, I needed- to be strong for her, but how can I do this, letting my guard down every time I see her. 

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