Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just fuck it...

This is the last piece in the series of my latest inspiration. It's a small free-write that bleeds the truth trapped in my heart (however lame that sounds). 

What comes next shall be something bigger and better. This time next week, I'll have some pretty large news. So, until then, just kick back and enjoy all that is Life In Fiction.


“She steals my mind. Claws rake my eyes.” Please don’t call me “different.” For the words I say will fit yours one day—as long as you stay alive. Nonetheless, read the details between the lines. I’ve brought this pain for you each day for over two years. Can you see the pattern? Of course you can’t, because your eyes don’t see and your ears don’t want to hear me preach.
“Let God heal you. Live not for yourself.” I won’t claim anything different. Yet, I’m still not confident. There’s nothing in the air to suggest the effect such words will have on your life. Do you believe? I don’t believe you do. The topic’s too heavy. The truth’s too tight. And claiming that I see differently will only cause a fight.
“The final lines, they fall on deaf ears.” Of course! Haven’t you been listening? Not for me, but for you. There’s too much at risk if my rant becomes true. Still, you mustn’t stop and take me seriously. That is, unless you want more than this. More than that. More than what I can offer. Still, no, it doesn’t matter. “I’m just a fool playing the magician still.”

Fate drives me.


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