Tuesday, July 3, 2012


picture by ParallelDeviant

Hey is Aulene!!!

Alright, so this is a new piece. I wrote it today. I honestly don’t know where I got inspiration for this. The man in this piece is a man that I have seen since I was a little girl. He has always been there, and I have always seen him as a threat for some reason. So other than him this piece is just the result of me thinking a little too much. HAHA.
 Anyway I hope you like this and I encourage you to comment.
Tell me something that you are scared of.
Thank you so much. <3


I am stuck
Stuck in my own mind
Lost in a strange world
Mine, My world
Where I dwell
Where I create
Where I face no judgment
And no darkness

So I thought

I turn the corner and see them
Loved ones
Dead, drained of life
No longer able to feel
No longer able to love
Seeking revenge with no satisfaction
Who did this
Who would cause this much pain

Then he's there
The broad silhouette of a man
What is this
I want out
This isn't right
Why can't I escape
Why is this man still present in my mind
This is my mind...

Isn't it?


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