Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lonesome lies

"Loneliness" by H1lle


My feet climb stairs meant for gods.
Yet, I am nothing to worship.

This mind calls for theories beyond us.
Still, I have no real purpose.

“A shell of a man,” describes me too well.
Her lies tell an accurate tale.

Why must they still call me intelligent?
I’m no smarter than Romeo.

How can they still see light behind these eyes?
I call the sun my foe.

My world finds life as a true contradiction.
But they won’t let me die.

No! “Life” and love are praised in their eyes.
I still can’t understand why…

These fingers touch on a topic too soft.
But hearts are hard to me.

Both my eyes see a world that needs help.
Yet, they all want to be free.

Fate drives me.

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