Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"Don't Look Back" by Heretichuman23

Hey guys! It's Aulene!!! This is an older piece I wrote about a year ago but the feelings remain true. I wrote this when I got in a fight with my little sister. I was so angry because she would always mess something up and ignore it and hope that others would fix her mistakes. I  go so mad, and I just wanted her to realize that it was okay to face her past and try to fix her mistakes. Everyone has made a mistake that they wish they could take back or fix to make it better. 
Leave a comment telling me your experience. I would love to hear your stories. 
Thank you for your support! <3


It's not an insult
It's a lesson
To be heard
So listen
Listen to me
Let me show you.

Dying on the floor
That’s your past
Look what you did

Take it back!
Fix it!

But no
There you go
Running from your problems
Growing up

Face the truth
The facts
Your mistakes
Stop running
You are fooling yourself

I can't open your mind
I can’t help you
Not until you bring your wall down
Only then, will you let me in.


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