Thursday, July 5, 2012

White Magic

Magic River by gilad
This is one of many in my new line of pieces drawn from the inspiration given by a long-time friend. What's crazy is that, unlike other girls, the inspiration she gives me clears me mind in a strange way. Expect her to be part of what drives my writing through these next few weeks and for the depth to be more than what's written.



“Drop the subject”
“Lose the line”

“Forget the past
And, please, stop crying”

“No loves exists”
Or so she says

I simply ignore
And feel betrayed

Not by her, but
By all those before

Who made me believe
That love’s a whore


“Don’t lose faith”
“Leave your home”

“Forgive me now”
“I’ll cleanse your soul”

So many girls
Have come to me

So many lies
Have brought me down

I look at stars
To dream of change

No one stands up
To take love’s blame


“Drink in misery”
“Love my hate”

“Fall for no one
Unless they’re real”

I stand still
She lies so far away

We’ve grown apart
She still doesn’t see

The final lines
Fall upon deaf ears

She’ll never love
I’ll never hear

[“Don’t believe them”
I wish to think
But hypocrisy is
My only savior]

Fate drives me.

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