Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Annie was her name...Her  life was so dull.
Her mother won't let her go anywhere. 
She feels trapped, but why? 
There was nothing to be trapped from...At least that’s what she thought.
Oh, you ask where her father is? 
Well after her mother came back from the hospital , the family knew that she wasn't herself. Annie's father later committed suicide. No one knew why exactly, but Annie did. It was her mother, her mother was insane.  
So where could she turn? Who could she run to?
Annie tried multiple times to escape from her mother’s tenacious grip . 
"Sweetheart, where are you!" Annie heard her mother say. 
Whenever she asked where she was you could suspect something unpleasant was about to happen. 
"Yes mother, here I am." 
"Ah darling, well don't you look lovely this morning." 
Annie just looked at her waiting for her mother to go berserk. 
She waited for only a few moments, that's all it took.
Her mother looked like she was about to pass out. Then she lifted her head back up. Annie wished she hadn't...because now her mother's eyes were not her own, and she looked at her with a menacing smile. One that gave Annie cold feet.  

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