Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make it Worth it

Hey guys it's Aulene!!! Sorry I missed the last week or so. I have been super buisy with school and junk.
So I got the insperation for this peace from someone who I truly care about. He lives in colorado. I have known and liked him for four years already. I never got to be with him because my dad is in the Army so we moved to Georgia.
I get to be with him but it will be 9 months. This piece just questions weather the wait will be worth it.
I hope you like it!! Thanks guys I love you!!! Comment and tell me your experience with it. I would love to here it and I wonder if any of you guys will make the wait worth it. I love you guys!!!! <3
Make it Worth it
I cant's see you,
Touch you,
Feel you.
So make it worth my wait
So long till I can feel your warmth
Feel your love
Your desire
So make it worth my wait
When I say " I trust you "
It's rare
Don't make me regret it, make me love you
Make it worth my wait
Laugh at me whenI fall
Just to pick me up and say
" Baby I love you "
Make it worth my wait
Call me baby
Text me in the mornings
Sing me to sleep
Make it worth my wait
Remain faithful
Show me off
Count down the days
Make it worth my wait
Do you love me enough
Enough to wait 9 months
Please tell me im worth it
Please tell me im worth YOUR wait.


Anonymous said...

its worth it. and will always be that way. -A-

Aulene said...

Well thank you. It's nice to know people actually read my stuff and care.

Aulene said...

Thank you. It's nice when people actually respond. Have you ever had that situation present it's self to you?