Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"There can only be one!"

Hey everyone, Chris here.

Aulene's having some technical difficulties and won't be posting this week. 
Instead of just letting the day pass with no word from us, I thought I'd share a free-write with you all.

"Highlander" by Sugar-for-sale

To put this in context, I just wrote this a few minutes ago while watching Highlander. That should speak for it all, honestly. 

"Killer Instinct"

“Scatter the acid across my feet.
These people only want us dead.”
I mutter and stutter to my son
While the patriots’re filled with lead.

“No dad! Don’t say such things!”
My son replies in a tragic way.
His face’s distorted and wrecked
With every sound the gun brings.

“Don’t be so soft, my son.”
I shake my head lightly.
“You don’t understand life
Or all the horrors I’ve done.”


Be sure to check back in on Thursday for a special surprise.

Fate drives me.


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