Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Wrongly Accused

Judgment is always a part of our lives. The way we look and feel about a person's appearance or being a friend who just assumes that they know who you are, like opening a book and tearing the pages out or judging the content that lies within. Labeling people is just like labeling yourself. Just because of their religon, outlook on  life, or how they look doesn't mean you should mock them.

Sabrina Black

"Green Eyes" by OneLuckyAliCat

“Lookthrough my eyes”

Lookthrough my eyes.

What do you see?





Ora story of my soul and heart through the barriers of life?

You will be amazed of what you will find.

You may know my name or bits and pieces of my life,

but you don’t know mystory, or what I’ve been through.

You don’t know my thoughts, my feelings, or mysecrets.

You’re not a mind reader—you just think you are.

Look at your judgment of me.

You might want to check again.

Being better than anyone else blinds you fromreality.

Look through my eyes.

There’s always a dark place,

empty parts of meyou’ll never discover.

All you’re going to see is my strength.

Ever wonder what people think of you when you passby?

Are they thinking what’s wrong with you or what afreak?

It’s the same when you assume my life.

Just looking at me doesn’t describe who I am or whatmy story is.

You just thinkyou know;

be careful of what yousay or hear.

There’s always more to the story.

Sabrina Black

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