Friday, September 14, 2012

The wrong way to live.

Hey it's Sabrina Black. This week I have been filled with questions about trusting people. Trying to figure out who my real friends are or who I know won't turn their back on me. This inspiration came from Rachel's Challenge being an impact of how I look out on life and my choices. The challenge opened my eyes to new perspectives on life and changing the way I think. Hope you guys like it.

I lie quietly in my bed. Silence fills the room as thoughts of the day ramble through my head, thinking of what I did wrong and right. Then the thoughts get much deeper as memories come alive like vivid flashbacks. People who I love come and go through my head, except for some who I’ve hurt, chosen to ignore, or felt betrayed by.
Why did I meet them in the first place? Can I wish that I’d never met them…to prevent all the conflict and betrayal that occurred?
Why did I trust you? Why did I share secrets? Why did I ever tell you anything? You took something from me…
Regret is always there. We make mistakes, and we can’t fix the past. We make enemies to build hard hearts filled with hate and no forgiveness. Why would you torture yourself like that?
You only have one life to live. So, why live with hate?

Sabrina Black

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