Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cynical Me

Hey everyone,

I was supposed to be bringing you a new video this week, but all of my work (and dormmates) are destroying my productivity. I should have a video up this weekend, so just keep watching.

This week's piece is a free write I did some time ago. Let me know what you think.


Throw caution to the wind,
Life's about to begin.
Either the cold or the drought,
Something makes me doubt. 
I'm an island among a sea of broken souls.
Their hearts have paid hefty tolls,
but the night goes on...
...and on...
...and on...

Smiles never quit;
Lovers don't show whit. 
It's sick,
but, hey! 
I deal with tragedy in my own way.
Oh Fate,
Just take away...
...or destroy... broken heart...

Time counts below zero.
Samael seeks redemption

Sanity's nowhere near.

I lack fear,

Or something just as obscene,

Like those dangerous faces on the screen. 

They've painted pictures way too bright,

Keeping realism nowhere in sight.

It's the world that'll burn down

Before you ever-fucking-touch this frown.

Fate drives me.


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