Thursday, September 27, 2012

En paradiso, solomente recuerdo mi vida.

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Photo by Kristen


Upon waking, I came across a brand new world. I found myself but lost the urge to become anything more than I was while lying there.
Several hours passed and my bed had started to grumble beneath me. “Don’t be an idiot,” it grumbled. I tried not listen. Truths are for those with hope. Last time I’d checked, I only had what was before me.
A day passed and my stomach screamed for me to “stop playing”. Not even my body understood me. How could it? After all, I’m just like everyone else...miserable like everyone else…
A week flew by and my lips cracked in protest. My stomach had died and my bed’d grown cross. In my mind, there’d been no loss. I only needed what was before me. Everything else didn’t matter.
Now a year has passed and I awake each day to the light shining through the clouds. My bed’s gotten it’s peace and the world no longer has to deal with me. Everyone should be happy…They’re all so lucky…
Upon waking, I come across a horrid world. It’s called “paradiso,” but I find only hell in the memories I’ve thrown away to arrive here.

Fate slays me.


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