Monday, April 1, 2013

Deadly Thoughts

Hello guys. I apologize for the long period of time it took to post one of my pieces. My internet was turned off. But i finally have it ready. I hope you guys enjoy it!

        My life has changed. My life is still changing. I've gone through hell. I've felt pain. I've seen my own blood. Because of my recently hellish life, I've had thoughts. Thoughts of things I never knew I could think of. Things I never wanted to think of. I've suppressed these thoughts for as long as I possibly could. I tried to keep these thoughts within the recesses of my mind. I've done my best to keep them locked away. But they have escaped. These dark thoughts of mine, which were once locked away, now control my life. I fear they may do worse. I fear they may end my life. I fear for the worst for that is all which is possible for me anymore. What is to become of me? Will I lose the last few things that matter to me in my life? Will  I leave my friends behind? What will they think? And what of the love of my life? Am I truly willing to hurt him so much, simply to ease my own suffering? There is no telling what I will do. There is no telling what will happen to me. These deadly thoughts in my mind have made me their victim. I have no control over my thoughts as I once did. Will things ever be so easy for me again? Will my life stay in a state of depression as it has? There's no way I can know for sure. Although these deadly thoughts of mine lean towards continued depression. I can only hope to be rid of these deadly thoughts. It is the only way I can continue my own life.

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Anonymous said...

We've all felt that amazing feeling of rage , most all of us only experience it a few times in our life , and it was unexpected at that ... You my friend can take that wonderful feeling you just expressed in that post With proper control , and become rich . ....make the wise decision with your gift .