Monday, June 14, 2010

Bengal Road (cont.)


     Like I promise, I will be explaining connections made in Bengal Road today! It took me all day yesterday to try and find the hidden messages but I think I may have found them. So get's started. First off, the each of the animals and the giant represent either the mascot or a player of one of the teams in the AFC North. Brownie rep. the dog on the Cleveland Browns logo, Poe rep. one of the three mascots for the Baltimore Ravens, Parker rep. Willie Parker, former running back of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dey rep. of  course the mascot of the Cincinnati Bengals.

     Now each of them represents the skills of each team based off the past season. Brownie relates to the Browns special teams skills, mainly because of Joshua Cribbs, and above average talent in that spot. Poe aerial abilities are meant to be viewed as a defensive tactic, resembling the Ravens notably great defense, but lack of offense firepower. Parker is meant to show how the Steelers are great in both offense and defense, but losing one piece could cause them to quickly drop drastically in skill, like how Parker lost his sight and his armor, the steelers lost Troy Polamalu and the run game, and fell apart. Also he is a one trick pony, hinting at their lack of special teams skill and thus makes them heavily unbalanced.

     Now Dey represents the Bengals because he has amazing agility(to represent their stout defense), a good sense of smell and reflexes(to represent their balanced special teams), and sharp claws and teeth(To represent their powerful running game led by Cedric Benson). This is to show that he is the most balanced among the four, just like the Bengals were amongst the AFC North. Now to show that the Bengals offense wasn't complete(proven in the later half of the season after Chris "Slim" Henry died and the passing attack faltered, let his soul rest in peace), he made Dey a cub, to say that he still lacked the brute force of a grown bengal tiger. Well I thought this story was very well thought out and is definitely worth the look see. There links in this to different players or teams in case you don't know what I'm talking about! Don't forget to send in your stories and questions to!


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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