Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Prologue


It's summer time finally guys! So I think I should kick it off with a rough draft of the prologue to Pieces, and I'll be looking for your feedback! I haven't fully decided on what to write for certain yet, so I'm going to write them all and post them on here to see what you think! Well here you are!

Prologue: A Lonely Story

Once upon time, there was a boy. This boy was a different then his peers. He loved to write, he was a member of band who played clarinet, an instrument that was generically considered a girls instrument. He wasn't very good at it, nor was he exceptional at sports. This would have been acceptable if he wasn't black, which completely changed the world he would grow up in, not in terms of how he was raised, but in how he would be forced to handle it.

The boy would move a lot during his first six years in the world, living from Florida to Mississippi to New York. His journey would take him to Colerain, Ohio. He was held back in first grade because the school system in New York was farther along then his current home. He would join band, and due to a challenge by a friend of his, he would play clarinet. Everyone would grow to respect his involvement in band, as he was be loved by all in his school. There he would make many of his friends, he would make goals, life was perfect, and nothing seemed capable of stopping him. But the boy life would shatter in 7th grade, when his father decided to take a new job offer in Texas, forcing him to give up all the great friends he had made. He was told that was great at making friends, and that he would lose them all anyway. The boy's father would promise to never move again. They would move the first week of October, being forced to throw away a piece of him. In Texas, he was immediately outcasted at his new middle school. He was considered "white on the inside" by his own race, who pushed him aside for growing up in a white community. No one understood the reason behind his chose in instrument, which further lowered his value. He could not understand why no one would accept him, why no one cared to befriend him. Desperate for a solution to his problem, he came up with a method to read emotions, only to create the opposite effect. At the end of his middle school tender, he had managed to gain some acquaintances, and thus he vowed to never reveal this ability to anyone else, regardless of the situation, and to never allow himself to make friends, as he would only lose them, and be caught in the "real world", incapable of defending for himself. A promise he would break thrice.

When he started High School, he had all but given up hope he could regain the companionship he had gained at Colerain. Now more then ever had band exiled him more than it was praised. He felt lost and without any options, alone in the "real world". It was then that he met a girl, who went by Venus. This girl showed him onto the right path, she helped him break his shell, and allowed him to trust again, to reattain that friendship he had lost. He began working to become section leader of this new band, and maybe one day drum major. The boy and Venus would begin dating, becoming the boy's first love. The boy would break his promise for the first time, and the girl wouldn't care, nor would any of his friends, his new family. Life would be perfect once again.... or so he had thought. Near the end of his freshmen year, His father would grow displeased with his job, and would decide to move again, saying that he wanted to live where he would be happy. The boy's world and dreams would shatter right before his eyes once more, and he would be forced to start anew, alone once more. But it was a price he would have to pay for his parents. He had nearly chosen to kill himself instead of leaving his girlfriend behind, his first true love, but she stopped him, saying that she would be right there when he returned. Thus he left his new home, another piece of his soul left behind.

The boy would move back to Ohio, in a city called Centerville. There he rebinds his vow, and found it to be ever more difficult to make friends in the cold atmosphere of this highly acclaimed town. He would barely make it through each day with the thanks to his friends back in Texas, namely his girlfriend. Then one day he came across another boy, who harbored an angry soul of destruction, and a girl, who was on the verge of emotional madness. He would break his vow, and make these two his "acquaintances with benefits” or his cough out for friends. He would soon fall heads-over-heels for this new girl of madness, leaving his girlfriend behind to chase this girl of madness. Venus would enter a depression, and soon commit suicide. This would scar the boy, costing him all his remaining friends in Texas, leaving only with the girl of madness, and the boy of destruction. The girl would leave him behind, choosing to chase a man who would never again care for her, leaving him only the boy of destruction. Almost on cue, the boy's father decided to move once more and thus returning him to loneliness.

The boy's heart in shambles, he grew cold, and began to fake happiness, as he had forgotten what it truly was. He continued to smile, and kept a doll like appearance upon his face, while on the inside screaming in pain, in the everlasting downpour in his now empty body. He would move through and out of Dayton, and onto Moreview, site of the third time he would break his promise. That time however, is a story all in itself....


So how did you like it? It's still a rough draft, but more or less this is going to be what it will be like. Be sure to comment or e-mail me at to give your comments! Also send me some questions my way!



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