Sunday, June 20, 2010

Think Happy Thoughts

Happy Fathers Day!!!!!!!

Hey, this is Alex. If you don't remember me, it's probably because I've been inactive on this blog for awhile. I've been extremely busy with writing my book and working on my artwork. (Yes, I said artwork. I am trying to work towards my own cover art. hahaha)

Quinton has been doing awesome with his posts and I plan on continuing the various updates while he takes my place on hiatus. So look for my posts the next time they come around. Until then, remember to think happy thoughts and always put life into words.



Draven Ames said...

Hey, I just wanted to say keep at it on the book. When I wrote my novel, whenever I had a spot that I got stuck in I would go in the shower and take a relaxing break. Everytime I needed a scene, it would pop in my head in the shower. I'd act out parts and really get the story rolling. By the time I got out the story was ready to be written for that scene. Needless to say, after almost 350 pages, I was very clean when I was done. If you keep plugging away at it, you will find your way through the darkness. Hope you get it published, and I also hope that you let some writing be practice. All gems may not be diamonds, but they are priceless to the right collector. Keep it real and check out my horror blog sometime. If you find a good literary agent, let me know. Perhaps we could review one another s books.

Chris said...

Thanks for the advice :)
I actually tend to use my shower for the same purpose lol I'm definitely hoping to get the finished product published one day, and I'd be more than happy to do a review, that'd be great :)