Friday, June 11, 2010

Great Read Of Week


So the World Cup has kicked off with South Africa and Mexico battling to a tie! It's my dream to see South Africa play against USA in the World Cup finals... But that's not to likely.

Well let's forget that for now to talk about the revival of the Great Read Of the Week. Last time I did this I spoke of the book The Seventh Tower, so today I'm going to talk about my favorite book by my favorite author ever, Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing. this book is about a small silverwing bat named Shade. Shade has always been a runt, and for that reason has been exiled socially from his colony. One day, he decides to look at the sun, which is forbidden by law that any bat do that. He is thus caught by an owl and in respond gets his home of Tree Haven burned down, causing the silverwings to hate him even more. He and his colony soon head to hibernaculum, and during a huge storm, Shade is cut off from his colony. There he meets Marina, a brightwing who has a band similar to one of Shade's colony elders. She decides to travel with him in order to find out the truth of her band, but along the way they come across two cannibal bats capable of killing owls. Now Shade must prove to the owls that the colony bats aren't to blame and save not only his colony, but the whole animal kingdom from these cannibal bats and the secret of bands.

What I love about this book is how perfectly Kenneth Oppel has mastered seeing things from a bats point of view, from use, or in this case no use, of color but perfectly explaining how every animal looks and the environment around them. This book is supenseful, action-packed, and connects to the real-life problems we face today in our own society. Hopfully you'll take to find it!


Quinton = GO USA!!!

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