Sunday, June 13, 2010

Questions With Quinton


So guys I am getting enough questions to the point I will now make this a weekly post, so now you'll be getting questions from me every Sunday. XD Okay lets get on it!

Are you going to put up anything on manga?

     Well, manga is debatable on whether or not it is considered a true book. Although I myself read it, and since it does have a plot, setting, climax and all the other elements a book has, if I get enough requests I will consider doing it along side Chris and Tara if they thinks it would be okay.

Are you going to do another contest?

     Yes I will. Very soon in fact. I just need to get some things prepared and finish some work for my editors and summer school. It will probably be announced in July, but there's a chance you hear bout it until early August, as I have a camp from July 16-24.

So is The Rey Saga a trilogy or a tetralogy?

     It's now a Saga, which is a four book series. I think you might have meant a quadrilogy, though I'm unfamiliar with the correct term. I had to change it after the length of the first book hit over a thousand pages.

You should do a section where you review book for us to read!

     I'm very aware that this isn't a question, but It's a very good point. I might work with Chris to see if he would like to do something like that. If so, is there any books you would like us to review? If so, send an e-mail to Chris and I at and and we'll see what we can do. It'll only be once a month however, as we still have books to write and other activities.


Quinton - GO USA!!!!

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