Thursday, June 10, 2010

Contest is Over!


Contest is Over! We had alot of people get close, Alot of people were suck in the 4-5 range, while at one point Ania had 6 right, but Cindi and Heather pulled out in the end. Here were the answers:

White Wolf = Loneliness

Sea Turtle = Old Age

Penguin = Sacrifice

Bat = Nilihism

Raven = Despair

Eagle = Destruction

Bear = Intoxication

Leopard = Madness

Lion = Greed

Horse = Rage

There they are!! People had the most trouble with the Eagle, Penguin, Lion, Horse and Bear(The bear I will admit was stuipd diffcult) Better luck next! I will be holding another contest in a Month so stay tuned if you lost this one!

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Bengal Champion said...

Hey i have a blog that's all about animal representation. I can help you out if you'd like! :D I can't wait for Pieces! My favorite so far without a doubt, but bleeding truth seems good as well :)