Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Author, World Cup, Contest Winner, and some Sweet Snow


  Okay so today will mark the arrival of our new author Terra Holmes! She will be blogging along side Chris and I, so be nice and give her a warm welcome! :)

  In other news, the US are in a tie for second in the FIFA World Cup. They are in Group C with Slovenia(Group Leader), England, and Algeria. They will play Slovenia next, where we will be heavy favorites. Cheer on your nation Americans!!!

Next, The Winner of our contest is Heather Baker!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  Lastly, I want to talk about Lacrime, the name of a book in a series called Borë e Ëmbël(Sweet Snow in Albanian.) This book is about a 15 year old boy named Henry who is a genius who is fluent in nearly every language. This has made him coveted by nearly college, and his father being famous doesn't hurt either. The downside is he is overly confident, and also a major jerk. One day, he meets a girl named Zelda who is being bothered by two men. She hides behind him pretending to be his girlfriend, and the men leave them alone. She then follows Henry around most the day causing him trouble and even accidently causing him to miss a chance with a girl he has been trying to get with for weeks. Enraged, Henry takes her back to the men and tell them they can have her. Late that night, Zelda is found dead at in a hotel room, killed by the two mysterious men Henry gave her to. Henry began to sink into a guilt and goes to hide in his room. At midnight of that very same night, a purple and green wave of light showers on Henry's apartment, and when he opens his eyes, finds himself in the world of Terra, I duplicate of Earth, but the Sky is red instead of blue and moon Purple instead of white. The biggest difference though is that everyone posses the ability to use Magic, including Henry. He soon finds he is the only Lightning Cancellor(Mage) in this new world however, and is hunted down by for his talents. He is saved by a girl who looks exactly like Zelda named Eva, a Divine Cancellor, and begins to travel with her learning of the horrifying event that occurred in this World 21 years ago... an event similar to his home Earth, but with different results...

Well there's the description as of now, but that's all the revealing and actual work that'll go into it until Pieces is done. I will put up another fan story tomorrow so stay in tuned and Always put life into words. ;)


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!!

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