Friday, June 18, 2010

Questions with Quinton(Friday Special)

     So today will be my last post before I take my break, so I'll answer as many questions as I can to keep you updated. I got tons of them this week, So here goes the most recurring ones:

Will you go in depth with all our stories like you did with Bengal Road?

     Good question. I will if you ask me to, I was asked to see if I could find the similarities with Bengal Road, so I did. If you'd like me to do the same with yours, I would be more then happy to.

Is Terra the same person as Stella from your book?

     Stella is based off her yes. She's an excellent writer herself and is constantly helping me out. :)

I know I may be pushing it, but is Lacrime somehow connected to The Rey Saga? I read that post you put up and I found multiple things that could connect the two series.

     Very smart readers we got here. But that's knowledge for only me to know for now. ;)

What was your inspiration for writing?

     This one's easy. My biggest inspiration are my friends I have everywhere across the country. They are what allowed this story to be made, and shaped me into who I am today.

Do the characters in your book have powers? If so, what are they?

     Yes, I guess you could call them powers. Eleven of the characters have powers: Rey, Chloe, Darcy, Tim, Harper, Drake, Stella, Lyssa, Azazel, Alexander, and Blake. I won't reveal all of them, but what I will say is most of these characters will have you fooled on what their power is with the exception of Harper(Mind Reading) and Alexander(Supercomputer-like Memory). Rey's has already been revealed, you just don't know it.

What do you think of the US so far?

     I have mixed thoughts on them, as the U.S. don't show up until the second half, but are extremely dominant at that point. I really rather not talk bout it after that terrible call by the ref that cost them a victory, but when the U.S. is playing woth some urgency, they are unstoppable. I stick by my thought that they will get out of their group, but any higher then the semi-finals is a reach for me.

Will there be another contest?

     Yes indeed there will be. While I'm on break I'll be working on a new one that will be as challenging as the first one, but different in it's own way. Hopfully when I return it will be done. :D

How would we know which animal goes with what aspect in the book?

     Very good question. Each character will be wearing a piece of jewelry to represent their animal. Like for example, Azazel animal is a lion, so he has a necklace of a lion head around his neck. The Jewelry Set will be called.... *Spoiler Alert*. Sorry can't say, but you actually already know it. ;) The Set contains four necklaces, two rings, two bracelets and two anklets. (Subject to change.)

When are you coming back from break?

     As soon as I take care of Pieces parts 1 and 2, editing Bleeding Truth, getting caught up on summer school, and finishing band camp. That won't be until late July at the soonest, but I plan on making a few posts on days that I have time before band camp. When I return however, I will have Pieces part 1 along with the current prologue finished and connected to a special page just for you blog readers, a release date for the book, hopfully a new contest and pictures of the ten piece animal jewelry set in Pieces. Maybe even the finished Cover Art. :D

Well that's it's it folks! The last post for awhile, so be good to my man Chris, as he'll be running the show with Terra for a bit. This is mostly likely the last of my world cup posts, so good luck USA and South Africa, and let me be the first to wish you all a wonderful INdependence Day and remember, to live your life as if it were fiction, and always put life into words. ;)


Quinton = GO USA!!!!!

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