Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Imagine This

Imagine you were an anomaly

No matter where you go.

That your actions, emotions,

And rules were all decided

Before you ever knew.

Imagine having to wear a different mask,

If you even wanted to be seen.

That you were only amazing for so long,

But not long enough to be let into

The heart of a beloved scene.

Imagine if I was different

And had the body of Jacob.

That I had my personality,

Would you see me then?

Would you cry a little more

if I didn’t care for you in the same way?

Imagine watching the one you love,

Be in love with someone else.

Having all you want to say,

But holding your tongue,

So their happiness can run.

Imagine if you lost me,

What would you say?

Imagine if I was gone

And you could never

get that chance to say,

“I love you more then my dear aunt May.”

Imagine if you saw me hanging from a rope,

Because of something you said?

Of things you said and did,

Of the choices that you made

When your head was ignorant of pain and shame.

Imagine watching someone taking a man’s life

Just so they could get his ride.

And you just watched it unfold,

Because only a fool

Would attempt otherwise.

Imagine if you met someone,

And all you could think was,

“When’s the last time I’m going to see you?”

Because you never could afford to get comfortable

To waking up and seeing the same face.

Imagine watching all your goals fail

Because you weren’t given the chance to dream.

To jump up

In celebration of triumphs,

Only to have no one around.

Imagine being afraid of belonging,

Because you’re afraid of losing.

To force yourself into isolation,

Because you forgot what everything else

Truly felt like.

Imagine the happiest you have ever seen someone,

Was when you are leaving.

And all you ever wanting,

Is seeing that happiness

When you make it back.

Imagine living most your life,

In the confines of your own imagination.

Because in the real world,

A person like you

Doesn’t really exist.

Imagine being such an anomaly,

That not even you know who you are.

And imagine waking up from a dream,

Just to return to a nightmare.


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