Friday, November 4, 2011

I've Given Up

Hey everyone. This will be my first post in three weeks. Sorry for the delay. Classes have been a little hectic lately, and Columbus hasn't been much kinder.

I haven't been able to write very much on the creative end due to all the work I'm putting into a research paper and an article I'm working with The Pulse (more information on the later) to publish. However, a week or so ago I wrote a small piece about something very relevant to me. Sorry if it's not the greatest, but emotions can seldom pick or choose their quality. Here's my life put into words.

“Giving In”
My eyes,
        they gaze.               
                They see the truth
        held solemnly
within her mind.

She sleeps.
        She eats.
                She starves all the same.
        Her heart
destroys all nourishment that comes her way.

I stay
        I bleed.
                My intentions are pure.
        Yet, she’s blind
to the fallacy before her.

He cheats.
        He beats.
                She still falls at his feet.
        I defend.
Now I’m the villain.

“My heart,
        My love,
                It’s all for you!”
        Her ears
reject my good intentions

We fight.
        We shout.
                She abuses me with hate
        Her tongue
spits acid at my face.

I stand.
        I leave.
                She’s far from me.
        My regret
falls like liquid wonder

These eyes,
        they cry.
                I no longer want to care.
        I’ve tried.
These times leave me lost.

Her eyes.
        His lies
                fall perfectly these days.
        All those
who care have given up.

“Given Up”
Bring me back
        to the place I once knew.
Take me back
        to when I still loved you.

Man the gates
        or run from the scene
Emotions flow regardless
        of how little I mean.

Days on end
        I’ve sat here and thought.
Would you believe
        your eyes see solely what I’m not?

Beauty was you,
        in the most classical way.
Sorry my words
        weren’t enough to make you stay.
I wish things
        were as happy between us
                as they had been way back when.
Now my mind
        must forget your emerald eyes;
                stop hoping you’ll leave him.

Carpe diem et provehito in altum.

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