Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Quinton!!

Today is a very special day for one of our team members. It is Quinton’s birthday, and my present for him is that I am going to post something special for him. Birthdays can get crazy and I don’t think that anyone should have to meet a deadline, or worry about something like posting on a blog on their most special day of the year. We’d love comments to help us celebrate this day. So readers, this is for Quinton.

Birthday Wishes

When it comes to birthdays,
everyone is told to make wishes
when they blow out the candles on their cake.

I would like to make some birthday wishes for you,
without candles, just so that
you can know that you were in my thoughts on your special day.

I wish that life will flow smoothly,
But I know that things are often rocky,
so my wish is that you know that you have friends to lean on in times of need.

I wish that exams or finals will be easy,
and that you make time for fun.
I hope that you make many new friends,
but still cherish the ones from the past.

I wish that writing would be easy for you,
That your muse doesn’t run off,
Or that times don’t make it hard for you to be creative.
I wish that there will be many reasons to smile every day.

I hope that you are happy with everything that life has given you,
And I hope that the Bengals have a good season this year.

These are my birthday wishes for you.

I am not sure if our readers are aware but Quinton is a lot of the reason our blog is still up and running. He was the one who invited me to be part of the team. He’s the one who changes the sites appearance, and often reminds the team when it is their day to post. He’s invested a lot of his time, and this is to honor all of his hard work.

Far but yet so near;
you are there no matter what,
only a text or IM away.

Always willing to do what you can to help,
all the friends that you hold so dear.

You created a great way for writers to start
sharing their creations, a place where everything gets praised,
a place where a few imaginative people
would create a make-shift family.

Thank you for taking on the stressful job of keeping things going,
when life gets tough, and inspiration is out of mind.

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