Friday, November 11, 2011

Senses Fail

A new week means new poetry. As I'm posting this I'm sitting in a room full of douchebags and idiots. (Literally, one just said, "Smoking isn't bad for you.") I guess this makes this post a bit more relevant because of it. (Although, the poetry was meant in more of a political sense. Hence, the Occupy Columbus marchers in the included picture.) Either way, enjoy my new piece.



Drink up the misery.
Dwell in my pain.
Focus on hindsight.
The past was in vain.

We all fall.
The world glows.
Truth is nonexistent.
The wisest man knows.

World's gone blind.
It tries to see.
Ignorance is bliss.
Every thought wants free.

Some grant wishes.
Others grant death.
People waste money.
Dealers sell them meth.

"Truths" still condemn.
All become grotesque.
Hatred surrounds meaning.
Life is a whore's burlesque.

Space grows cold.
Good intentions rot.
Throw safety away.
Diseases are lies we've caught.

Come; please come.
Waste your mind.
Goodness is rarity.
This, you're sure to find.

Endings sour time.
Reapers ring bells.
"Sanity is for losers,"
Or so a blind man tells.

Let it enfold you.
Follow your bliss.
Tomorrow'll be bright.
Make it something you miss.

Carpe diem et provehito in altum.


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