Monday, November 21, 2011

To This Day...

Hair that feels like silk in your fingers,
Eyes that comfort you like a Tempur Pedic.
Skin so fair, like the moon in the star-strangled sky.
Your touch is just as far away,
Even though the grip you have on me has never left.
Clad in dark, surrounded by black,
I see past the mud, and see the golden prize inside.
You’re the piece that I never look for,
But the only one that fits perfectly.
The beautiful soul that no one acknowledges.
A character no one appreciates.
You are the book that is judged by it’s cover,
Yet holds a story that no one knows is a bestseller.
You are the Invisible Woman of our world,
An invisible being just looking to be loved.
I would hug you if only to keep you warm.
I would envelope you until another gets it done.
It doesn’t matter if you feel the same,
Expecting such a thing would only lead to heartbreak.
Just let me stay drunk under your influence,
And I can handle being the man hidden under the mask.


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