Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Love Should Never Die

Love Is

Love is a small word that is used too often,
it is an expression used for favorite things,
It is a word that should inspire happiness,
It is the subject of many different writings.
But we’ve forgotten what it should be.

Love Should Be

Love should be a strong connection between people,
It should mean that you will be there no matter what,
It should mean that you remember and treasure the good times,
And that you endure through the hard times.
Love should be a feeling that never dies,
That will last forever, even if the type of love must change.

It should be everlasting.
Love should never die.

Lately love has been on my mind a lot. It is a common topic for me to think about. I am a hopeless romantic, and always dream up my own love stories. Recently I have been thinking about all of the people I love, who once loved me too. But now we no longer talk, or we don't get along. I can't understand why that happens. I truly believe that if you really love a person, those feelings will never fade away. They can change, you can go from loving someone romantically to loving someone as a friend. But that love never dies.

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