Friday, November 18, 2011

Una Carta de Vida

Hola todo el mundo.

I know...I know...I posted yesterday, but I'm scheduled for today in reality. (These two a weeks are going to be the death of me... -__- ) Anyways...this next piece is a personal letter to a girl I met some time ago. If it's a bit sappy, you're not crazy, but simply not seeing the purpose. Anyways, here's my scheduled piece for the week. Read on readers.

Dear Audrey,

We floated above the clouds, can you recall?
You lied in my arms.
You looked a wild mess;
     your eyes shined with surprise.
Every bit the damsel I expected
     the year before when I first
          kissed your ruby red lips.
Our feet rejected the ground
     as my will saved you from the crowd.
Lovely, you looked so innocent!
Those three words you spoke...
The tone of each syllable
     matched dangerous colors
          even as I carried you to safety.
"Should we tell them?" you asked,
     yet all I wanted was to keep
          our love my secret.
Even as I kissed you in that painted sky
     we knew the world wouldn't give us peace.
So I spoke so softly, even the air was deaf.
Can you recall?
I whispered,
     "I'll never let you fall."



As an after-thought, for the past few weeks I've been working with a student-run newspaper called The Pulse. Primarily, the newspaper focueses on political issues, but a few of the lead editors and myself are working on creating a creative writing section for the website's Art section.

If you want to check out the website and read about all the goodness The Pulse has to offer, just click on the link.

If you have any questions about The Pulse, or my writing in general feel free to e-mail me at I'm always happy to answer any questions.

Until next week,

Carpe diem et provehito in altum.

(Seize the day and launch forth into the deep.) 

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