Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Okay guys so as you may have noticed, last week a whole new list of writers introduced themselves. Kicking the week off was Alex Sempsrott, a mystery and thriller writer and a friend of Heidi. Secondly was a good friend of mine, Aulene, a poet sharing her work for the first time. Next up was one of our newest editors, Sharon, who made an awesome post to honor our remaining editors Logan and Elizabeth, under the direction of the lovely Terra ;) Last but most certainly not least, things were wrapped up with a beautiful piece by Robby White, ex-member of the band "Hear Me Out" and the 13th member of our staff.

It was an eventful week, and we are raring to get things started for the New Year. Next the blog will be evolving even further, becoming far more organized, some new artists, and a few other treats. ;) Until then, check out this newest poem I have made for you guys. It is another section out of my Project Searchman series. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
Voices run, Thoughts undone.
No time here, so little left there.
How much longer am I in control?
How much longer until my sanity is gone?
Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
My grip slips, my thoughts betrayed.
Actions taken without my consent.
No one stands in my way.
I thought I told you I shall win today?
Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
You allowed the hands of midnight,
to passed without you in slumber.
Oh my dear raptor, I’ll make you extinct
as you slowly awake to my horror.
Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
Oh how I hate the hope you have now,
how you worked to undo all I have achieved.
Let your haters be my motivation,
giving rise to your monstrosity.
Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
I feel you ready to blow,
ready to unleash me into your crestfallen world.
Keep that head down, that’s right,
and take those blows without putting up a fight.
Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
Oh if only they knew how it fed me,
when their attacks come your way.
The demon in you, craves to be free.
The creature in me, desires some mental meat.
Tick, Tock, Click, Clock.
But then she shows up, messing me up.
Ruining my plans, repairing your heart.
I start over again, hoping to win out,
as she does the impossible, resetting your clock.
Tick Tock, the clock has stopped.
The bomb cut. Your mind set away from me,
but do not worry, she will not always be there.
For this voice, my voice, is eternal,
and I’m not going anywhere.


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