Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Hay! I'm Aulene. I am new on here and I have never posted on here before. I'm super nervous for you to see my writing. No one has ever seen my writing before so I am open to criticism. Quinton and I have been friends for about a year and he has been creeping on me to join the blog. I have been writing ever since I had to move in ninth grade. My writing is all very dark but I promise I am not that bad in real life... kinda. Please post your comments and help me improve and grow. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!


Can you feel it?
A current.
A current of thoughts,
dark thoughts.
Oh no... he saw me,
at the party.
I just wanted to yell
Not him,
I don't.
I didn't.
I wouldn't.
Oh no.
The current died
and then I sat down.
Down to a dark place,
gone forever.
The current is not there
to pull me back up
to the surface
to breath.
The current is gone
from me

~Edited by Sharon

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