Friday, December 16, 2011

The Hallway

Hey guys, Joseph W. Here. Its been awhile, I know. I'm just so busy these days between filming, my band and school... And to add to that, I've had massive writers block... But I actually have a poem for you this week.

Hope you enjoy


The Hallway

The hallway is long
the hallway is dark
I hear whispers of songs
and see Shadows in sparks

I'm restless, as the figure crawls near me
I look to my left, for someone dear to me
By my side sits nothing at all
but it was never there in the first place if I recall

The flickering lights add to the charade,
I raise my hand to my heart,
as the figure begins to fade.

The lights come on
nothing is around
the figure is gone
the world makes not a sound.

From nowhere my heart starts to jump
faster faster, the blood starts to pump
I raise my hand in the dim lit hall
one lunge and i then fall

on the ground i lay, bleeding, dying
on the floor i lay, dirty, crying.
I cry out for help but no help can be found
I look to the sky, as the dark closes in all around.

I lay there in my own shadow, for hours upon hours
"Son" a whisper said to me, you may be healed through my power.
In all my heart i wanted this help, but pride was my downfall, Something kept me felled.

Days seemed to pass, the bleeding grew worse, though i would not bleed out.
the pain was persistent I was ready to die.
But the voice said to me, "son, it is not your time"

I refused it again, I wouldn't take help, no not from him.
I was to die this way, by the enemies will, at my own hand.

the voice said "Son you no longer have a say, i will soften your heart, you will obey"
I cried out in terror, as the light flashed around.
the hallway was lit, and the walls then crashed down.

The shadows were gone, my wound was healed
there was a peace in my heart, the one that i used to feel.
back before, the whispers, and sparks.
Back before the creatures of the dark.

No longer was I scared, no longer was I sad.
No more dying, no more sorrow, Free from all terror.

I stood up, clothed in white, and a man approached me.
he tapped my shoulder and said "Son, follow me"

Through all my pride, i could not accept it.
but i needed help, and my ignorance, i regret it.
No more will i hide in darkness, no more will i sharpen my own blade.
No longer shall I sulk in my own shadow, but i shall walk tall in a new faith.


Peace and Blessings

Joseph W.

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