Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Friday!!

So for my writing piece today I have a bit of a new story I am working on. Enjoy.



Tess smiled and batted her eyelashes as she sat in his lap. He was the sole person she could actually sit with in person, even though technically, she just passed right through him. He was gorgeous as always, a stone cold sort of beautiful that seemed completely lethal. Tess slowly altered her outfit into a sexy red dress with a split up the left leg; she knew he loved her in red. She slowly ran her finger up the slit and flashed a seductive smile at him, “If you would sleep we could play.” She told him, a glint in her eye. She knew that he rarely slept, and when he did she knew better than to slip into his dreams. Damien wasn’t a man you wanted to anger. He knew how to hold a grudge. Tess knew that first hand.

His face which is usually so still and expressionless cracked and for a brief moment he smiled.  That small smile sent a buzz of excitement through Tess. She had followed him through his days, observing his interactions with the people in his life and she knew that no one had achieved such a smile from him. He was all business with nearly every person he came in contact with. But not her, never quite with her. She figured that not being a real person made it possible for him to let himself relax a little more in her presence. She wasn’t a threat to him; she never could be.

Damien fought the urge to reach and brush a strand of hair out of her face. His attempt would be wasted since he couldn’t touch her. He could have any girl he wanted, but never her. Tess had always been just out of his reach. Tess could make no contact with humans in reality, but in a dream she could do as she wished with them. The dream world was hers to command, Tess made dreams come true. Never Damien’s though. Damien thought it was ironic that the one person who could see her while not dreaming was the one guy Tess had denied. Damien loved thinking that Tess was stuck with him for eternity now. Naturally she could choose to live a life of solitude, and fall into dreams for all of her social interactions. Tess would never choose that though, she still hoped that her condition could be reversed.

Tess was sure that Damien was the key to making everything better. If Damien was the key, he was going to make sure that Tess paid for the torment she had caused him.


Slowly Tess ran her finger over his cheek; she was at the point right before her hand would pass right through him. She liked to pretend that her touch felt like that of a feather to him, but she really had no idea how her touch felt to him. She frowned when he stood up and left her sitting in the chair. Quickly Tess hid the frown and put on an expression that showed his denial meant nothing to her. She didn’t want him to know that he had the power to upset her or toy with her emotions. She may be stuck with him, but she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she longed for his company now. She watched with a clear expression as he slid into his coat, put his wallet into his pocket, and left the house.

Friday already... wow. Time seriously flies by for me. Exciting things have been happening on all fronts of my life. Writing wise, I realized that I know an author in real life. This was a huge deal for me because it makes my dream of being published and making a living off of writing seem like a possibility. Another exciting aspect is that this author is willing to read my work. So I will be dabbling in writing stories for children, stories from my heart. 

On the blog front there has been a lot of recruiting going on, and a lot of new things being planned and put into motion. The LIF team is growing, which means more variety of authors, some intro to amazing artists, and the introduction of an editing team. Be sure to check back for more details about the good things to come.

The next exciting thing is that I am enrolling in college this month. Classes will start in January for me, and I am thrilled. I've loved school and learning my whole life and am eager to get back to school. I love the structured routines that come with having classes and set schedules. Due to starting up with school, I may be busy and may have to set writing on the sidelines to focus on my class work. However, I do plan to take a few writing courses so that I can improve and learn more about my hobby.

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