Thursday, December 29, 2011

Newfound Hearts

Life is perilous, no? We're drawn to hate. We're drawn to ignorance. Eventually, pain is the outcome. Love seems to be the noun to fuel such desires most frequently. I am no different, and these past two weeks have proved to be difficult as a result. As a result, this next piece comes as a result of the desire in my heart that drives me towards hate, ignorance, and pain all the same.


"A Single Lark Leans on My tree"

         We are star-crossed lovers. Can you sense the irony? Romeo and Juliet were too naïve to count the number of thoughts we've shared. Love, together we should dive but apart we must stay. Another by a similar name holds your heart. I'll never become such a thief.
          Life is more than a dream. Fate is more cruel than on screen. For each inch of my soul yearned for your embrace so long ago. You were my wife on stage but refused to become more than a friend in my delirious sleep.
          "Think happy thoughts," I murmur when you sat so close only days ago. You leaned against an arm rest--how I envied it...Alas, a poet creates this identity and a demon bites my tongue, lest I whisper your name too favorably. Think happy thoughts the words come once more. Sadness comes soon after wishes to fly home together fail. Yet, that smile...those lips that I'd joyfully kiss haunt me. Still, my mind ceases to be depressed. No! Personality like a beacon, darkness could never come between us.
          "Ma cheri amour" should be the label you adore from these lips that whisper your name secretively. But French lacks the flare of la morena hermosa that you truly are. Fewer times have we been together than my least attractive friend, but you continuously strike my heart in a novel way.
          Won't you come closer? Instead you utter, "Only time will tell." Yet, time kills our parental and friends alike. If waiting is key than this world only seems lonely. I wish for more than hope, more than faith, but impossibilities never quench my thirst.
          My heart on the line; my brain beneath the blade. Querida, maturity is lost upon my soul. Until you're by my side, I wish to never grow old.

In a world full of ideals, I seek the truth.

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