Monday, December 12, 2011

Sora Kū


Just because you can't see me, doesn't mean I'm not there.

Okay guys so L.I.F. shall be switching up how the posting schedule works thanks to our new family member! So the way the new posting schedule works is that one member will be posting everyday, five times a week as usual. The difference is that one member will be on break every week, so you may be forced to wait a week if you are looking for a specific writer. However, both Terra and Anora have their own blogs, Individuality and Aspiraions Bloom, so you can go there if you desire to read their information. Also check out the blog Life as you Dream, run by my little sis Illya!

FINALLY, let's get down to business... today's post! Here is another poem from the Project Searchman series, hope you enjoy it!

Sitting in a void as crowded
as a high school hallway.
Separated by a space
as wide as the sky?

Why won't I say a word?
Because I am afraid.
You're sitting right in front of me,
but you're still out of range of soul.

I had you in my hands thrice,
So chance four is an impossible request.
In a world full of mistakes,
My only regret is you.

How could I possibly win?
With troubled thoughts a plenty.
I'm slower than others,
but far more loving.

Blue Sky, Night Stars,
give me answers,
heal the fissure in my mind,
give the courage to speak.

The quintessential energy
that evokes the thoughts of you,
powers the imagination
that gets us all through.

This energy moves me through
the past everyday,
But before I know it,
thoughts of you are already in the....


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