Tuesday, December 20, 2011

No One

Hey guys, this is my first post, so I figured I'd post one of the first things I've ever written. Read and enjoy!
Alex S.
I was called by the Most High to save more souls,
But Abaddon has enticed me in my own desires.
I have lost sight of my mission.
It was my own doing, I knew where it would lead me.
I feel no pain or hurt, only guilt,regret,and sorrow.
Will the Most High come and save me?
I am calling out, but no one can hear me.
Can no one see how entangled I am?
No one sees me nor hears me.
I guess this is how it will end;
lost in the web of my own desires.
I am laying here having lost all desire for anything,
But I am suddenly taken aback.
The Most High and His mighty crusade has come to rescue me.
Tears flood eyes as joy enters my heart.
Then the Most High breaks these chains and lifts me into his chariot.
Guilt once again enters my body, but is quickly pushed away by a soft whisper,
saying,"You are forgiven, now live in paradise with me."

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