Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And Then There Was Six


So today I would like to introduce the newest member to the Life in Fiction family, Heidi! She's the little the sister of fellow blogger Joseph and a novelist. :) For today's post, I thought that the Life in Fiction crew could sit down and ask her a few questions so you could be better accustomed with our newest blogger.

Quinton: What made you decide to join Life in Fiction?

Well, Joseph first asked me a while back and I was pretty bound and determined that it simply wasn't possible. Then Anora and Tara started after me, I was still against it. And then Quinton happened... well I was finally convinced. So here I am.

Quinton: Tell us about yourself, who's your inspiration, what are your hobbies and goals/dream in life?

Oh where to begin? I'm quite a strange person. My passion is imagination. There's a vast world in my head filled with characters, countries, cultures just waiting to be written... whether all of it will be or not depends on my attention span. However I hope to write books upon books involving everything in my head :) My inspiration? Hmm, G.K. Chesterton comes to mind as a big inspiration. My mother, of course. My brother Pete. Is it weird that I'm about to say St. Patrick? Well him too. So many people inspire me, it's impossible to name them all. :) Hobbies? Writing, of course, drawing, and singing are my main hobbies. Goals and dreams. To become a published author (so cliche), a singer, a Disney Princess, an Irish legend... oh you get the picture. But, another big dream would be to assist in the elimination of the abuse of women. :)

Quinton: How did you start writing?

I've been writing since I could, honestly. I've always had a story to tell. I can remember the first time I used the letter "Q" in a story... I have no idea why. It was in a story about this girl who wakes up to find a group of aliens in her living room, including a King and Queen. :) That was about 1st or 2nd grade. It wasn't until 3rd and 4th that I really started to write. That was when Joseph and his friends came up with an imaginary world that I've basically taken over since then. ;) I wrote my first book at the age of 11 and 12 and well... haven't stopped :)

Joseph: How tall are you?

I am 6'1. Just a big freak.

Joseph: Why haven't you been answering my knocks on the window. I've been trying for weeks?

The real question is, why haven't you returned the sword to me!? I'm the only one who can stop the Flaugernaut invasion!

Alex: What's your biggest strengths/weaknesses?

Oh man, I'm very strong-willed and independent, which is both a strength and a weakness. I don't really know. I'd have to think about it for quite a while.

Alex: What's your favorite scary movie?

I don't really watch scary movies. The closest I've come are M. Night Shyamalan flicks. My favorite of those would be either "The Village" or "Signs".


Awesome introduction for our newest member Heidi! :) She will be posting next week on Wednesday for her first post, so stay tuned and treat her nice. ;) Until tomorrow, stay classy my friends!


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