Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wicked Wednesday

Series of the Week

So once again I will be writing about books that I think are very good and totally worth reading.  I am promoting a series again this week, because I couldn’t pick just one of the books to write about. In total there are 5 novels in this group. This week I will only cover the first three. The other two will follow at a later date.  Most of the novels focus on different characters, but usually involved the cast of the previous book.

Wicked Lovely

Wicked Lovely is about a girl named Aislinn who has the Sight. The sight allows her to see Faeries; most humans are unable to see Faeries.  Aislinn lives by a strict set of rules. 1. Don’t stare at faeries. 2. Don’t speak to faeries. 3. Don’t ever attract Faeries’ attention.  Wicked Lovely is the tale of what happens when a faerie takes a special interest in her, and the rules that have protected her all of her life stop working. Aislinn is drawn into the world of faerie against her will. She is at risk to lose everything that matters to her; her freedom, her best friend, Seth, everything.

Ink Exchange

Leslie knows nothing of faeries. She doesn’t see them, she can’t hear them, and she has no idea of the tensions and power struggles surrounding them. She becomes completely entranced with a tattoo she sees at a tattoo shop, and the only thing that she knows is that she has got to have that tattoo. Leslie is convinced that the tattoo will be a symbol of changes she wants to make in her life. The tattoo does changer her life, but not in the way that Leslie ever dreamed it would. She becomes bound to a dark and mysterious faery king in a battle for his court. As time passes Leslie is brought in deeper to the faery world and is helpless against all of its dangers.

Fragile Eternity

In this novel we meet again with Seth and Aislinn. Seth wants to be with Aislinn forever and recent events have made forever take on a new meaning. That happens when your girlfriend is immortal. Immortality brings on a new set of responsibilities and hardships for Aislinn, and in turn Seth is affected too. This novel is about the struggles that Aislinn and Seth go through in order to stay true to their relationship. In a world where rules are sketchy, and friends quickly become enemies, it can be hard to maintain a relationship.

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