Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Arrival of Greed

"Greed" by ShadowOfWar

To wrap up a week of posting, I present the first two pages of the new book I've been working on (a sequel to Shattered Lies).

Of course, everything I've written so far is subject to change by the time of release, but I thought this scene might be worth sharing.

Here is Stolen Promises. Enjoy!


May, 2011

            Darkness in every direction. Pictured walls enclose the scene. Silence should claim the night, but a clamor erupts from the living room as a man of average height stuffs a small silver clock into a black bag. Upstairs, a family sleeps, and he hopes not to wake them.
Tip-toe. Tip-toe. He slinks to the kitchen. A cabinet opens and silver utensils are easily stuffed in with the clock. The thief smiles a wide grin and opens the liquor cabinet to his right. Out, he pulls a bottle of Jack Daniels. With the ease of a veteran, he removes the cap and takes a swig. “Honey,” he whispers, “one day daddy’ll be with ya.” His smile falls as he stares at the whiskey once more before taking another, long drink.
“And, what do you think you’re doing?” comes a woman’s voice from inside the kitchen. The thief jumps, almost dropping his drink.
“Who’s there?!” he asks with shock. His dark-brown eyes peer through the blackness and catch the outline of a curvy figure. Shoving the whiskey back onto the cabinet shelf, he pulls a switchblade from his pocket. As the blade shoots out from its casing, a light switch is flipped, temporarily blinding the man.
With a groan, his eyes slowly adjust, revealing marble counter-tops  a large fridge, and a woman in her twenties. His face twists in surprise as he stares at the half-naked woman. A black, leather bra covers her large chest, and short-shorts of similar fashion cover her below. The bright light of the lamp overhead causes her pure-white skin to glow, her deep-red hair to shine brilliantly, and her green eyes to pop seductively behind her black eye-liner.
Seeing the half-smile on her face, the man is practically compelled to take a step forward. Yet, even as his feet move and his knife drops, his mind can’t grasp why. “Wh-Who’re you?” he stutters.
“Me?” she asks coyly, stepping toward him. “Why are you worried about who I am?” She places wraps her arms around his neck and presses her body against him. Once more, he’s compelled to move, his hands finding their way to her bare waist. Her skin is cold to the touch. A shiver shoots up his spine. “Shouldn’t you be worrying about Aza?” She kisses him hard upon the lips, just as a scream of agony escapes his mouth. He struggles against her. His closed fists pound at her side, but she only pulls him in tighter and tighter…until she feels a bulge in his pants and the life leave his body.
His body drops to the floor as she back away. A single, deep gash runs from his lumbar through his brain stem  Crimson runs away from his body, staining the floor.
“You’re lucky he dropped the knife, you know?” Malice frowns. “Even a weakling like him could’ve caused some serious damage to little ol’ me.”
“Right…like demons actually feel pain,” Alex states coldly as he steps over the carved thief, wiping the blood from his knife. The white mask upon his face covers all but his eyes and mouth. It and the long coat he wears are stained red by his recent victim.
“Oh, I guarantee you we feel a lot more than just pain.” She winks. Alex laughs lightly with a smirk.
“I’m sure. Just wait until we get home.”
“Oh?” She clings to his arm as they start for the exit. “What’re you gonna do to me?”
“Hello?” chimes a voice from behind them. Alex turns to see a tween girl in the kitchen doorway. “Who are you people?” Alex nudges Malice as he turns back to the exit. A small shriek escapes into the air. “Wh-Who’s that? What’d you do to him?”
“Should I stop her?” Malice whispers with a smile.
“No, leave her,” Alex responds. Hard footsteps retreat into the house. “We didn’t come for her.”

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