Sunday, May 30, 2010

Questions with Quinton


Today is the next segment of Questions with Quinton! Let's get to it:

What made you start writing a book?

     I actually have been writing short stories for awhile now, but this the first book I have tackled. I started writing this book as a method to deal with a period of depression I was going through, as every other method was sealed away from and I was getting dangerously close to going over the edge. Although I'm still in that stage, I'm significantly better off then I was in November when I started writing.

How did you decide on the aspects for each Character?

     Well that was a long and grueling process, that took three hours. ^o^ No but really what I basically did was send a text to a bunch of my friends and the first ten to reply(with the exception of Chris, who already perfectly symbolized the character I wanted to use as one of the five main characters in the book) got to pick their character's name and pick their aspects. Now I came up with the aspects for each from watching a anime show called Bleach, but decided to re-work them differently so their meanings were different. I think I fluked out overall with who ended up with what character, as everyone but Justin(Tim) matches their character in some way.



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