Monday, May 17, 2010

Chapter One: Maybe This Time


So today I got a special treat for you guys, the first chapter of my book. :D Now you guys can finally see it yourselves and tell me what you think. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on it, so I hope you'll love it!

Chapter 1: Maybe This Time

It was 7:10 on an August 6th, 2012 morning. I was laying under a Summer Red Maple tree I found in a forest clearing, listening to a recap of the Reds game on a small portable radio. It may have been early August, but it had the feel of a perfect autumn day. There was a slight placid breeze, and the sun was cheerful instead of its usual peevish mood. I could get use to things here in Moreview, Ohio. My parents said they moved to this deserted plain because of its "great" summer weather. It's a whole two degrees warmer in summer and winter here. Hooray. They were just trying to cover up the fact that they can't even stay still for my high school years, but I guess I should be use it as we have move every year of my high school life.... I stared up towards the blue sky infected with random hordes of white cotton in shapes of nothing. I could never understand how people could see pictures in these clouds. A squirrel quickly dashed past me while I was lost in the clouds, and I instantly thought of my acquaintance Lyssa. She always loved squirrels. I began to puzzle what she was doing right now, and fantasized about her beautiful blue eyes and crimson red hair. After about five minutes, my phone woke me from my ersatz dream with an array of sound and vibrations. Then I remembered that I had my first marching band practice today at my new school and I had twenty minutes until it was 8:00 and I was late. I quickly grabbed all my assets and ran through the clearing towards my 2000 blue cavalier.

It was 7:53 when I pulled into the parking lot of Moreview High School. I touched the china charm hanging on my rear-view mirror and jumped out the out of cavalier and pulled back the front seat and grabbed my clarinet case out the backseat. I locked the front door, and slammed it shut. As I walked in the front doors, I knocked over a one those large yellow janitor buckets, sending mops and water flying across the floor. I then looked up to a giant sign and that said in alternating yellow and blue colors "Welcome to Moreview!"

"Oh yea it feels great." I said.

I started to attempt to clean up the mess I made when I looked up into the mirror in the next to empty trophy case. I was wearing a go army t-shirt and cameo shorts, along with my favorite wore down red and black converse. I also wore a white bandanna on my head. I cloud also see that I was insanely skinny. Wouldn't be taken seriously by any acquaintances the way I was now. Not that it matters anyway, they would all leave him soon.

I eventually grew tired of trying to clean the water so I thought I'd let the janitor earn their money, and walked off down the hall. As I paced down the hall, looking at my new high school, I saw that it was an incredibly small school, with only about 800 students total, and that included the middle school students, as they were combined into one school. I tried to put up an indifference face, but anyone could tell I was disappointed with the surrounding area. But I guess it couldn't be helped, as Moreview was a very small town located in the middle of nowhere between Cincinnati and Springboro. The only reason I'm here is because the houses were cheapest out here.

I continued to stroll down the hall looking at past marching bands, when I heard a baritone saxophone and tuba playing “Smoke on the Water” echoing through his ears. I came to a door, where I saw a red-haired guy standing in the middle of three tubas playing a Bari sax. I jiggled the handle with hopes to open the door. But of course it was locked and no one thought to look at the door. I stared into window in order to piss off someone enough to come open the door, and to check out what my new band would be like. The Moreview band was pretty small, they had about six or seven drumline players, three alto sax, two tenor sax, and the one Bari sax from before. The drumline began to play what I think is the school's fight song. There were a large number of trumpets, and three tubas, but they had one trombone player and a single mellophone player.

In their own little corner, the flutes, color guard, and clarinets sat talking to one another. Each had about five players. With the exception of the little blonde boy who I would've staked my life was gay, they were all girls. Then something else crossed my mind. Over fifty percent of the band looked like freshmen; some even looked like 8th graders. I looked back at the girls, where a dark brown hair girl with hair that went down to her shoulders had joined the group. She had on a brown t-shirt and dark-blue jeans. She wore pink and gray Nike tennis shoes. Around her neck was a silver whistle on with blue bead neck strap. She was talking to a blonde-haired girl, who looked remarkably familiar. But before I could think anymore on the subject, the brown-haired girl saw me in the doorway, and sent a short red-haired flute player to open the door.

"I am so sorry!" she said to me,” I hope you weren't standing here long."

"Nope just a few minutes." I lied.

This brought a refreshing smile upon her face. She was about 5"2", wearing a black shirt with white pajama pants that were covered in music notes. To top this off she had on fuzzy black slippers. I looked into her beautiful and kind green eyes, which put me at ease as I could tell that she was already interested in being his friend. I was willing to bet her name was Stella, but I thought I would rather wait until she said something.

"So you're the new kid right? It's nice to meet you I'm Stella!" she said with a quiet blast of excitement.

Thought so. I told myself.

"Nice to meet you Stella, I'm Rey Ivory."

"Oh that's a cool name. So are you a junior?"

"Yep how did ya know?"

"You looked like one. Plus I can hear your car keys." she laughed.

"I see," I chuckled back in embarrassment," Are you a senior?" I said already knowing the answer.

"Oh yes, hey guys!" Stella yelled to the clarinets, and then led me over to their corner.

"This is Rey Ivory," Stella continued, "He's the new guy! Rey meet your section leaders Cierra and Shay, senior Canadian Cierra, which is her nickname, and Kylee and Kyle." We exchanged greetings, but half my attention was on the blonde girl whose name continued to elude me.

Suddenly everyone started laughing, and I feverishly snapped my head back and attempted to jump back into the conversation with epic failure. The band director then sends everyone outside to start practice.

"Well I'll you meet outside," Stella said,"Oh by way I have a gift for you." She handed me a plate with a multi-colored string attached to it. Printed across it was, "RAY IVORY! 2011 NEWB!!! WELCOME TO MOREVIEW!" I laughed.

"They spelled my name wrong." I said softly. It seems acquaintances will be easy to make here for some reason. But why should I care? This is how things always start. I make acquaintances, gain great connections, and say "Maybe this time I'll keep them..." and then it all falls apart. No. Not this time. I'll just continue to use to this fake smile to move on through this pseudo-haven. As that is all this is.

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