Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey! :D

Hey everyone! This is Alex making a casual update on this fine Friday afternoon.

It's raining outside and definitely the perfect weather to write. I love it and couldn't be happier. Regardless, I've been writing a lot lately. I finally broke 40 pages of content for my book :D -pats self on back- Yes, I'm very proud of myself, but even more proud that I'm seeing people writing so much. I love literature--especially creating it--and finding more people with the same passion really puts a warm feeling in my heart, literally....well, kind of. So, to go along with my expressed warm feeling I thought I'd share with you a very short piece I wrote just a little bit ago in order to hold you over until larger content is available. Enjoy ;)


There's a hidden truth behind those who breathe by the moment.
The truth is that those who epitomize the truth are the ones who hide in secrecy.
Many may wake up and whisper it in someone's ear just to say: "I'm not fake,"
but those who admit to being an exception to the fallacies and falsities of life are the one's who are the most afraid to show the world who they truly are.


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