Saturday, May 15, 2010

There Once was a Ball of Glass


Today we have the very first story from an outside reader, a good friend of mine and genius artist and writer Terri. :D She found this story on facebook actually and when I read it I said, "Terri, you should totally post this in my blog." And she happily agreed, so here it is! :D Also I take zero credit for this story, as it all goes to Terri. I'm sure you willl like it! Here it is:

There Once Was A Ball Of Glass

There once was a ball of glass. it was a happy ball of glass. it was perfectly round and gorgeous colors and it was strong and beautiful. she would roll through each day with its friend. this friend was a giant ball of silly puddy. it was happy silly puddy. soft and warm and good whenever the ball of glass needed love. then one day the ball met a rock. she loved the rock. the rocked loved her. the ball gave her precious rock the ball's soul. she knew they would be together forever. she trusted him when he said it back. she trusted him with the one thing that kept her whole. the thing that gave her her colors and kept her beautiful... the thing that kept her happiness. as long as they were together he would share it with her. so she would stay happy and colorful. but then one day the rock decided to crush the ball. he broke her hard surface. he shatter her everywhere. there she lay in a million tiny splinered shards and the rock just rolled away. he took her colors. he took her happy. then left the tiny misserabple pieces on the ground... alone... never to shine her colors again. never to brighten the world with her happiness. then comes silly puddy, with his pink warmthand gorgeous smile. he rolled by and saw the glass and decided to do the only thing he could. he rolled up the pieces, all of them. so she could atleast stay all together. the pain of her pieces constantly stabbing him was horrible but he ignored it because he loeved her more than any pain hurt. he saved her from death and forever gone to the world. but she will be forever in pieces because the only one who can fix her is rock himself... the only way to put her together is with her soul. her colors. but for some reason rock took it and ran. no one will ever know why. but because of him she will be forever tiny pieces of clear empty glass with just her friend silly puddy between her and the empty abiss of death. she loves her silly puddy. shes verry greatful. hes done more for her than anyone has ever done. but nothing can save her now...

there once was a ball of glass

and forever she shall stay

a giant pile of broken shards

it will be forever this way...
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