Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aspects of All Ten Main Characters


Hey guys! Well I am now out of school and officially a Senior!!!! GO CLASS OF 2011!!!!!

     Anyways, today as a treat, I'll be showing you guys the ten main characters and their "aspects". The aspects plays a key part in the story as they cover the ten causes of death, as it's the directly related to aspect missing in your life that will could cause your death. Each aspect has a key or "answer" that will allow you to overcome it. If one fails to accept this aspect or find its "answer", then death row awaits them. They will play a major role throughout the series and will be used a lot by Blake to explain many things. Here are each Character and their respective aspect(In order of strongest to weakest):

Rey- Loneliness
Chloe- Old Age
Darcy- Sacrifice
Tim- Nilihism
Harper- Despair
Drake- Destruction
Stella- Intoxication
Lyssa- Madness
Azazel- Greed
Alexander- Rage

This isn't an order of importance to the story, but rather the diffculty in finding the "answer" and acheiving it for each aspect. Many ask me, "Why is Old Age behind Loneliness? You can't stop Old Age." Well there's a reason for that, but you will have to wait until the book comes out to find that out. ;)



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