Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chronicles 1

Thus begins the chronicles of my mind...


Chronicles 1

What's that I hear?
Your beautiful memories
whispering in my ear?

Like the shiver that rolls down my spine
It haunts me, the way it sounds,
as if it'd all be fine

But no, better yet
I won't forget
I'll face my past
and place my bets

I'll win, you can count on that
I won't let my own dark thoughts hold me back
No, I won't stop when these odds are stacked
I'll kill the shadows, as they yelp and hack

I'll screech with them
those pitiful cries
of ghouls and monsters
all in one innocent disguise

They will fool me no more
And they will not haunt my sleep
for through their darkness I can see
that everything we are, is meant to be

How could I be so foolish
how could I be so wrong
to think you'd betray me
to think you were gone

The words I heard
were not the words you spoke
for The evil you spewed
was what only a devil could've wrote

Then again no,
it's just what I heard
you will not betray me
it's completely absurd

She loves me, I know she must
for this evil inside me, it is not just
it knows me, not in my heart
but in the form of the darkness of lust

Yes, the darkness inside me
be gone, make room for the light I am finding.


Joseph W.

-edited AAA

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