Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello from LAYD!

   HI! I'm illya from Life As You Dream (no, illya isn't my real name). I'm really good friends with Quinton here at LIF, and he let me post. I won't be a regular writer here but I'm posting a sample of my writing in hopes that some of you will visit my blog and read my writing along with my partners Sourburglar and Amy....ENJOY!!
  Soooooo many people in high school are in relationships nowadays. Most of them don't last a week, but some do. One thing I've noticed is that when people are in a relationship that ends badly, one person is devastated. They write or talk and complain about how they would rather die than live without the other, how they are "in" a dark pit of empty darkness. I, for one, just want a relationship to work, but if it doesn't, it's not the end of the world. Most times, the person you date in high school won't be the one you marry. At our age, we hardy know what love is, so how can you say you were in love with the other and you can't go on now that they're gone? You are a teenager! You have your entire life ahead of you. Don't let what you feel about one person affect your ability to go day by day through life. It isn't healthy. Take it day by day and move on. You'll find your special someone, and when you do, you'll know it. :)))))  

                                                      <3 illya

~Edited by Quinton

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