Thursday, January 19, 2012

The fool playing the magician, still.

My words speak for themselves.


What does this world know of that which it cannot seem to understand? At what trial had I been convicted? Ignorance; Ignorance; Ignorance! Let the sound ring out again. Condemn me, but I wish to be me. Have you met me? No, impossible! By “big brother” is all you seem to see, even though objective words become abstract for all but me.

Can you hear wrath sing a cold tone towards this global empire of naught? Feel each lyric, move with each beat. Let ignorance consume you no more as the wave of torches light your dark parade. They don’t see an individual—no—solely a group to speculate against. Ignorance. So get angry! For this pride is pitiful, and your greed never greets with a fair tone.

Ignorance. There it goes again! And the crowd cries black for the health of the world and all the patron saints it’s killed. Oh! How tired I am of this frivolous worry…about what I say…about what I do…who I wrong…and how they treat me. But…Quiet! Can you not hear the laughter? Yes, my second voice chuckles blatantly; for everyone worries BUT me. Ignorance. They limit me. They cut me. They bruise me and bash me once more for good measure. Ignorance, and the term slaughters millions.

Oh, pleasant God, damn me, give the world what it wishes! Ignorance still stings while the second voice rings, pleading for me to give chase to hope. Alas, hope’s in bed with pain. All of these people think they can explain…but…they just never see…me for me...

Bleed me dry.


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