Monday, January 2, 2012


Alright guys, here is my post, enjoy! , Alex S

I watched the pen as if in slow motion fall onto the floor. It rolled under the bed. I sighed and got down to get it. My hand reached for the pen in the darkness. I couldn't find it. "Where did it go?"  I continued to search. Suddenly my hand had touched something, it felt like a pen although it was ash-like. I reached a little further; my heart almost jumped through my chest. It was a finger. I quickly tried to pull back, but that finger was attached to a hand, which had grabbed my hand. I was petrified with fear. My mind was instantly filled with thoughts of evil. Amidst these thoughts, one came through asking the question: "What is happening to me?" I couldn't see anything but darkness. I fought desperately against the thing that was dragging me, but the harder I struggled the tighter his grip became. The thing kept pulling me until I was completely under the bed. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. I breathed in; there was no air. My whole body started to shake spontaneously; I was having a seizure! I looked up, sweat pouring over me, I saw that there was no bed above me...and with that thought I fell into unconsciousness.

Where was I? The thing's grip had disappeared. I wasn't lying on my bedroom floor anymore, but now on rocky ground. A blood red sky was painted before me, and then my back, my back was burning like fire! I jumped off the ground and onto my feet. I looked down.. My shoes were starting to melt. What is this place? Looking around I could see five blackened figures heading my way with their heads lowered. I was lost in indecision to either run to see who or what they were or run the other direction. Then a strong arm that was seemingly made of ashes grabbed my neck, thrust itself back and threw me to the ground. I looked up to see what it was. I wish I hadn't. It was some kind of creature with black holes where their eyes had been gouged out and rotted out teeth. Suddenly they were all over me and tearing the flesh off my bones. I screamed in agony, I knew now that this was Hell. I cried out for God to save me. And in that moment I awoke from my nightmare in a pool of sweat. I sat up in my bed and immediately began to ask God in my life and thanked him for his great and enduring love.

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